Embossed Silicone Wristbands


Embossed Silicone Wristbands

Although Embossed Silicone Wristbands are not as popular as Debossed Wristbands, they are an excellent choice if you are looking for a unique way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Embossed is very much alike to debossed bands, an embossed silicone wristband also allows any custom design and requires a mold to be made. The main difference with Embossed Wristbands is that the text and/or logo is raised off the wristband as opposed to down into the wristband.

Sizes: Adult (202x12x2mm), Junior (190x12x2mm), Child (180x12x2mm)
Colors: Choose any pantone color or mix of colors for the band and the text/logo.

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